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Complex legal support of companies


Complex legal support allows to:

• build up a solid legal basis for a company’s activities, increase competitive ability in the market, especially in hostile takeover environment;
timely monitor the countrys laws;
avoid a number of legal problems. And in case of such problems, provide their pre-court and court resolution.

Complex legal support of business activities of any company type.
Complex legal support of a company includes the following legal services:

Legal advice on civil, corporations, economic, procedural, land, insurance, labor relations law, etc.;
Review and legal analysis of all companys legal documentation including incorporation documents, contracts, etc.
Drawing up legal documents (economic and employment contracts, claims, responses to claims, incorporation, service documents, etc.)
Representation of companys interests in courts of general jurisdiction, commercial, and arbitration courts, and governmental bodies;
Pre-court and out-of-court resolution of economic and other disputes through negotiations and other legal means;
Legal support of transactions, legal examination of necessary documents;
Representation of a companys interests in administrative bodies and during negotiations with business partners.