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Legal Assistance

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  • civil law
  • commercial law
  • domestic relations law
  • real estate law
  • land law
  • insurance law
  • labor relations law
  • succession law
  • procedural law (Arbitrazh Procedure Code, Civil Procedure Code)
  • legal support of business activities of any company type
  • exclusive rights
  • intellectual property
  • claims settlement
  • court and arbitrazh case law including Supreme Arbitrazh Court of the Russian Federation

• Normative legal regulation in the sphere of development, establishment and management of series production, mounting, sales, warranty and maintenance service of industrial production complexes and systems, automation and controls systems, communication systems, supporting and other systems as well as information and innovative technologies and relevant software or other product (result) of intellectual activity in industry, production, trade and other activities utilizing the data constituting a commercial secret, as well as protection of commercial secret on and outside the territory of the Russian Federation; in the sphere of occupational health and safety, social partnership and employment relations of a company, presenting and protecting rights of a company’s shareholders/founders and employees;

• Legal support of companies’ activities as to working out main directions of internal and external policy; normative legal regulation of activities related to production, scientific work, innovative and information technologies; as to creation, acquisition, exercise and transfer of exclusive rights; providing services, including delivery, license agreements, etc.; as to property management being a part of a company’s entrepreneurial activities;

• Normative and legal support in the field of science, education, production, finance and credit for the development of a company’s innovative activities;

• Systematization of intellectual property legal protection including the matters of creation, acquisition, exercise, enforcement, execution and transfer of intellectual property rights, providing production with high technology and competitive products, and creation of mechanism of legal protection of the holder’s exclusive rights while promoting state-of-the-art high-performance technologies and scientific developments;