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Advocacy is a competent legal assistance provided professionally by individuals admitted to the bar in accordance with the procedure established by law to persons and legal entities with the purpose to protect their rights, liberties and interests as well as to provide access to justice.

A lawyer is an independent professional legal adviser.
Interference with law practice or obstruction of this practice in any manner whatsoever is forbidden. And discovery of the information from a lawyer related to the legal assistance rendered on specific cases is not accepted.

You may rest assured that the whole process will be held in confidence. All matters of our clients are addressed individually and protected by client-lawyer privilege.

You can contact me and schedule a visit in order to discuss matters of your concern in detail and come to an optimal solution.
Consulting a lawyer will help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes in the present and future as well as bring you closer to the favorable outcome of your activities and solidify the grounds for your business.

Truly yours,

Graduate of the law faculty of Saint Petersburg State University. Graduation thesis – «Trust Administration of Property».
Further training at the law faculty of St. Petersburg State University: Legal Regulation of Relations in Construction and Real Estate Acquisition.

Work experience in legal profession from 1994, including work in courts, commercial courts, companies of different legal forms of business.

Currently a lawyer of the Leningrad Region Chamber of Lawyers.

Registration number in the Leningrad Region Register of Lawyers is 47/1651.

Certificate No. 1643 is issued by the Administration of Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for the Leningrad Region.

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